Style of life cont’d

Alfred Adler 1870 – 1937

All people have a life style,but no two people develop exactly the same style. In striving for the goal of superiority, some develop in their intellectual others in their artistic talent, some others athletic talent and so on. These style of life consists the people’s views of themselves and world and their distinctive behaviours . Everything we do is influenced by our unique style of life.

View of Human Nature Cont’d

# . From the Alfred Adler’s perspective,. Humans are not merely determined by heredity and environment. Instead we have the capacity to influence and create events.

# . Adler believed that what we are born with is not the central issue, but rather what we do with the abilities we possess.

# . Adlerians recognise that there are biological and environmental conditions that limit our capacity to choose and to create.

The early recollection are a diagnostic tool

This memory provides a brief picture how the people see themselves and others and what they anticipate for their future . After these recollections are summarised and interpreted, the therapist then identifies some of the major mistakes in the client’s life.

This helps to get a picture of the client’s basic personality. By interpreting the early collections, they get an out look on the present outlook on life . Mistaken aspects of the client’s view of life is identified by comparing her current conviction with the frame work of social interest concepts . When this is completed the client and the therapist have targets for therapy.

Subjective perception of reality

Adlerians view the world from the client’s subjective frame of reference, an orientation known as phenomenological. Phenomenological the way people perceive the world . That’s called subjective reality. It includes the individual ‘s beliefs, views, perception and conclusions. Behaviour is understood from the cognitive perspective.

Client’s experience in the therapy

The clients of Adlerian therapy focus on their life style , which is the blue print of their actions . Generally people don’t change their life style because they don’t recognize the errors in their thinking and behaviour and do not know what do defferently. And afraid of leaving the old patterns for new unpredictable outcomes. Thus even though their ways of thinking and behaviour are not successful, they tend to cling to the family patterns.

Therapist’s function and role cont’d

They realise that clients are discouraged emotionally and function ineffectively on a behaviour level because of their faulty cognition to make clients feel better and behave better , It is important to discover what is wrong with their thinking . Therapist looking for major mistakes in thinking and valuing such as mistrust selfishness, unrealistic expectations and lack of confidence.

View of Human Nature Cont’d
Adlerian therapy is growth model. They focus on re- educating people and reshaping society . Adler was the forerunner of a subjective approach to Psychology which focuses on internal ditterminants of behaviour such as values , beliefs, attitude, goals, interest and the individual perception of the reality. He was the pioneer of an approach that is holistic, social, goal oriented and humanistic.

Riya Tom

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Riya Tom

my writings

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