Habits have a purpose. They save the brain from work and help to conserve the fuel. Habits allow us to perform tasks without thinking. There are three types of Habits, they are Unconscious Behaviour, Unconscious Thinking and Unconscious decision we make Habits are governed by a golf boll seized area of the brain called the basal ganglia. The basal ganglia resides deep within the brain, in an erea known as the limbic system. It is the unconscious command and control center for Habits. When the basal ganglia decides that a habit needs to go to work, It instructs the brain to fire up specific brain cells and once fired , we find ourselves Unconsciously engaging in some behaviour, thinking or decision making. I will get into this in a more details .

Is it compelsory ,to have a cup of coffee every morning and evening?

Unless we force ourselves to become aware of our habits, we will never be able to change our habitual actions. Habitual thinking or habitual behaviour, It slips right below the radar of our consciousness. Habits are quite simply, amazing invention.

Most of the Habits come from our parents, who are the first important role models. They have the most influence over the Habits we develop in our child hood and most of the Habits we carry with us into our adult years. Sometimes parents infect the children with their habits. Some of parental habits mimicking is neurological. Our brains have a mirror neurones . The purpose of mirror neurons is to enable babies and children to mimic the behaviour and emotions of their parents.They are an ancient relic of prehistoric human evolution, whose primary purpose for existing to aid in survival. Children are always watching their parents behaviour .some parents forcing to follow their own behaviours. According to these studies , the American journal of the family therapy published in 2014. He found that habits in children are unlikely to very much after the age of 9.

The children become adults are they able to break habits and forging the Habits during their early Livings

Our daily habits are the reason we are happy or unhealthy. These are the reason our children go to the best colleges or struggle to graduate from high school . The blue print of our life and the living of our children are determined by daily habits . That’s how important habits are. If you want to change your Life you must change your daily habits.

Just a look at our Habits , follow me and support