How can be happy yourself ?


Are you happy in your present life?

Happiness and worries, these are part of our life, sometimes may get happy, sometimes it may get upset. It happens time to time. It is a normal part of life. While you get angry or upset what will happen to you? Can you calm down yourself? Being able to calm down yourself in the moment is often easier said than done.

A few strategies you are very familiar, it can help you when you are feeling anxious or angry. Here I give you some helpful tips, you can try this while you get angry or anxious. It will make you calm down.

# Breathing:

Breathing is the number one effective technique for reducing anxiety and angry very quickly. When you are anxious or angry , you tend to take quick, shallow your breath up and down very deeply. This sends message to your brain, gets a positive feedback loop reinforcing your breath or fight response. So taking long,deep calming breaths distrups that loop and helps you calm down.

There are a lots of breathing techniques to help you calm down. One is three part breathing. Three part breathing requires you to take one deep breath in and then exhale fully while paying attention to your body. Once you get comfortable with deep breathing, you can change the ratio of inhalation and exhalation to 1:2 you slow down your exhalation so that it’s twice as long as your inhalation. Practice these teqniques while you feel anxious or anger.

# Admit that you are anxious or angry:

Allow yourself to say that you are anxious or angry. When you identify how you are feeling and allow yourself to express it, the anxiety and anger you are experiencing may decrease.

# Challenge your thoughts:

Part of being anxious or angry is having irrational thoughts that don’t necessarily make sense. These thoughts are often worst. You might find yourself caught in the “what if” cycle , which can cause you to sabotage a lot of things in your life.

# Release your anxiety or anger:

Leave your emotional energy out with exercise. Go for a walk or a run, engage some physical activities serotonin to get you calm down and feel better.

# Visualize Yourself Calm:

This tip requires you to practice the breathing techniques you have learned. After talking a few deep breaths , close your eyes and picture yourself calm. See your body relaxed, and imagine yourself working through a stressful or anxiety caused situation by staying calm and focused. Get a picture and what it looks like to stay calm, you can refer back to that image when you are anxious or angry.

# Think it through:

Have a prayer to use in critical situations. Just make sure it is one that you find helpful, this allows the thinking to shift focus , and you can reality check the situation. When you are anxious or angry, you become hyper focused on the causes and rational thoughts leave our mind . These prayer gives an opportunity to allow rational thoughts to come back and lead to a better outcome.

# Listen to music:

When you feel your anxiety level cracking up, tune into your favourite music with headphone . Listening to music can have a very calming effect on your body and mind.

# Relax your body:

When you are anxious or angry, it can feel like every muscle in your body is tense and heat. Practice progressive muscle relaxation can help you calm down yourself.

To do this, lie down on the floor with your arms out by your side . Make sure your feet aren’t crossed and your hands aren’t in fists. Start at your toes and tell yourself to release them. Slowly move your body, telling yourself to release each part of your body until you get to your head.

# leave the situation and change your focus:

Leave the situation and focus another direction, walk out of the room or go out side. It will you time to take better dicision making. You don’t do your best time for thinking when you are anxious or angry. You engage in survival thinking. This is fine if your life is really in danger , but it’s not life threatening you wants your best thinking level, not the survival instincts.

# Acupuncture :

Go for a massage or getting acupuncture is a wonderful way to manage anxiety and stress. But it is not easy to find time in your day to make it happen. One thing you can do that, acupressure on yourself for instant anxiety relief.

This method involves putting pressure with your fingers on your hand at certain points of the body. The pressure releases the tension and relaxes your body.

One area to start with is the point where the inside of your wrist forms a crease with your hand. Press your thumb on this area for two minutes . This will help you to release stress.

# Be a holistic :

When you are anxious or angry, so much of your energy is being spent on irrational thoughts. When you are calm find a holistic object with you, that you can carry with you, then you will get a confidence with it. Tell yourself that, you are going to touch this object when you are experiencing anxiety or frustration. It will help you to calm down your thoughts. If you are at work and your boss is making you anxious, gently rub the may give you relaxation.

# Identify pressure points to calm anxiety and stress:

When you experience one of these thoughts, stop and ask the following questions:

Is this likely to happen?

Is this a rational thoughts?

Has this ever happened to me before?

What is the worst that can happen? Can I handle with?

Are you go through the question? It is the time to reframe your thinking. Instead of I can’t walk across the bridge. What will happen? If it is there an earthquake happen? And it falls into the water? Tell yourself, There are people that walk across that bridge every day, and it has never fallen into the water.

Riya Tom

my writings

Riya Tom

my writings

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