Struggle with words

” Trouble with words” or “struggle with words” . Words are used in reading and writing and people with Dyslexia have problems in school education . In our education lot of emphasis is given to reading and writing and many Dyslexic children struggle in examinations. When they score poor marks, they are reprimanded by parents, punished by teachers and ridiculed by class mates. Very often parents and teachers blame each other for poor school performance. Children are looked down as lazy or even stupid. This result in loss of self esteem and the child becomes anxious, arrogant and disruptive or go into depression. Many of the famous Dyslexics were school drop-outs.

A problem child is often taken to a doctor. Most of the doctors diagnose Dyslexia but the management is unclear and hence the child is referred to.

To whom is a big question? We know that Dyslexia is a neurological difference and a comprehensive evaluation involves testing of vision, hearing, co-ordination, visual and auditory perception, intelligence and academic achievement. This can be done by anyone who has basic knowledge of human body functions and few education principles. This write-up is intended to empower the professionals and parents in assessment and management of children with Dyslexia.

You may ask another question to me: do we really need to define Dyslexia and can we really encapsulate the features and the feelings that accompany Dyslexia in a single statement?

Definition is necessary to assist in developing identification and diagnostic criteria and to inform intervention. But definition provide a labels always carry a negative connotation. Definitions generalize a difficulty which infact can be the individual and mislead the public and practitioners. Forefathers, a label can provide explanation as to why the child is not responding to the intervention provided.

Dyslexia is an ability with in the sensory mechanism of the nervous system to perceive the world with a multidimensional view. When properly trained and informed, a Dyslexic can use their abilities to shift perceptions , enhance creativity, refine thinking and improve physical performance. Dyslexia becomes a problem only when uncorrected perceptual distortions occur, creating confusion and conflicting information which cannot be processed clearly.

Those who are trying to help Dyslexics must understand that academic remediation is only part of the job , and perhaps not the most interesting or important part,we need to find ways to help Dyslexics find their own talents, big or small, so that they cannot be beaten down defensively hiding their talents along with their difficulties.

One of the best ways to do this is to study the lives and works of famous Dyslexics , to allow other Dyslexics to see what can be done, as well as showing how it can be done. Bio graphs of a few famous Dyslexics have been included in my site reviews with this intentions.
Riya Tom

my writings

Riya Tom

my writings

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