Effective Study Tips

Set the best time for your study: identify which is the best time you can spend for your study more effective. Find morning or evening, of corse I suggest you morning is best for Study, as the mind is fresh but you prefer night is good for your study , no need to force yourself to study early morning. If you wanted to change yourself to become a morning person , Do this gradually you will get used to it.

Morning is the best for Study/ It is choice according your comfortable

Do not be hungry: Keep a healthy snacks beside you, while you studying such as nuts or chocolates , one cannot concentrate with an empty stomach. But don’t fill your stomach or else you feel lazy and sleepy and end up your study quickly.

Yummy a piece of chocolate in between your study

Take a Break while you feel boring : Take a mini break between long study time. If you study continuously 50 mints you should take a short break of 10 minutes. This gives you your mind relaxed and refocus .

10 minutes short break

Small Concepts: Divide big chapters into tiny and small concept and try completing them one by one. This allows the brain to finish the same chapter faster. 10

Divide and cut short chapter ways

Understand the Concept: Try to deferenciate between the things to be memorable and understand . Just merely memorizing everything will not go a long way , you need to understand the underlying Concept and you are good to go.

Concrete your mind what you learned

Pattern/code : for memorising something an easy way is to work out a code or a pattern which helps you to recollect it faster. Do not end up allotting a code for everything or else you will get confused.

Create pattern code

Keep touch with incolour: possess some attractive colour pens to highlight your key points, while studying it is easy and revise,if you fall short of at the end . Maximum three colours enough.

Highlight important points

Explain to your friends, what you learned: If your class mate or friends need help in any topic, go ahead and explain,as this will help both of you and you will retain the Concept for a longer time.

Explain to your friends what you learned

Revise and recollect : just mere completing the syllabus won’t help, after every certain period you need to set time aside to revise and recollect. I hope you will enjoy with this effective Study Tips and succeed your study life better. wish you good luck,God may bless you. All wishes to you

Brief checking what you learned
Riya Tom

my writings

Riya Tom

my writings

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