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Self made millionaires are very particular about who, they associate with. Their goal is to develop relationships with other success minded individuals. Most of the self made millionaires, who have made a habit out of associating with other success minded people . Some of the individual characteristics self made millionaires seek include. 1. Individuals who have financially successful

2. Individuals with good habits

3. Individuals who are positive, upbeat and optimistic

4. Individuals who are calm and happy

5. Individuals who are able to get along with others

6. Individuals who are not gossip about others

7. Individuals who inspire and motivate

8. Individuals who are enthusiastic

9. Individuals who take personal responsibility for their lives.

Most of the self made millionaires used four RELATIONSHIPS building strategies to grow and strengthen their relationship.

  1. Hello call- The hello call is used primarily together information on each contact
  2. Happy birthday call – The happy birthday call keeps your relationships on life support. At least once a year you are forced to reach out to your contacts to wish them a happy birthday. These contacts will reciprocate and call you on your birthday, taking your RELATIONSHIPS off life support.
  3. Life event call – The life event call is Most power full strategy because it puts your RELATIONSHIPS on steroids. This is a call you make to acknowledge some life events; birthday,death anniversary, engagement, marriage, health issues, etc…life event calls put your RELATIONSHIPS steroids. They grow the roots to the relationship tree deeper and faster than any other relationship building strategies.
  4. Networking and volunteering – allows you to meet new people and offers the opportunity to show case your skills in a safe , friendly and stress free environment. Developing a a networking process is critical to success. When you networking the right way, you can gain costomers, client’s, strategic business partners, followers and networking partners and this translates into more money . Self made millionaires are master networkers. Their network marketing efforts are intended to grow their association with other successful individuals.
Riya Tom

my writings

Riya Tom

my writings

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