It’s always nice to have a good opinion about ourselves, it will help us to hold our head high and to face our various challenges in life. However, we should not inflate our ego. We should not also be under the misconception that we have qualities and talents which we don’t really possess. That will only bring us more harm than good.

If we inflate our ego it will burst one day like a volcano, it brings us nothing but humiliation and ignominy, as it happened in the case of mercury. We may not have normally all the qualities and talents we would like to have, but it should not prompt us to believe that we have them. We should not give the impression to others that we have them if we do that it will bring us nothing but disgrace only.

If we don’t have good qualities,

We should cherish, the best thing for us to do is to develop those qualities in us.

In fact many of the good human qualities can be developed in us through determination and hard work.

God-given talents can be developed by us with or without the help of others, hence instead of being pretentious, we must focus on developing the much needed qualities in our life which will bring us success and happiness, in our lives. It will also make our personalities really great, bringing us the admiration and respect of others.

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