Exam phobia

amazon.inWhat parents,teachers and students know?

No matter, what are the initiatives do the government, experts or educationalists take to ease the burden of children, the vicious circle of exam result stress keep repeating on end. While the parents also the same line with unlimited anxiety for their wards score the system remain unchanged leaving children mentally stressed. Being excessively exposed to such a situation can even lead to the psychological problems among children. This will ultimately downgrade their calibre and aptitude . Then what could be the solution when there is a huge portion of the syllabus to be covered and the heat of the exam is felt closely.

Some steps to make examination easier

We should help children learn how to take on exams. For instance, students who study maths should practice it by doing the sums rather than reading notes or textbooks. They should draw illustration on their own . They can also learn by noting down the points. They can memorise points faster. Children should be trained to overcome fear and anxiety in exam halls so that don’t forget matters they had learned well. Students also practice writing answers in a time bound manner using model question papers . It is not students who have more knowledge who score high , but students who have the skill to perform well in the exam . So along with studies children should be trained to gain the acumen to deal with exam and score high. Above all, children should be made to understand that learning is an enjoyable exercise.

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