I own my positive attitude to my father. I realized that by followed my father , I have adapted everything to my life and family. I could achieve and maintain a positive mental attitude, more over I became an achiever and a believer .

Thousands people have come and gone claiming to be personal development gurus. But I adapted by my father’s inspiration.

He has stood the test of time, and remained the icon of positive mental attitude . I never hear a bad word from my father .

Here is some inspiring words I followed by my father .

  1. He is gentle , and his words are gentle

2 . His insights are thoughtful

3 . His principles are sound and time tested.

4 . He is easy to read and apply

5 . He is on target with what is wrong and what is weak .

6 . He taught me wisdom is right on the money.

7 . His ethics ring true and genuine.

8 . He reinforces his advice with real word examples.

9 . He encourages to do at right time .

10 . He has faith that will achieve with hard work .

11. He has a track in his mind that includes thousands of success stories .

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