Fear and Faith

Fear is faith in reverse gear

Fear is a negative feeling in something, and the belif is the foundation of faith.

Faith is a positive mental attitude in action.

Your mental attitude is the sum of your thoughts at any given time .A positive mental attitude has its roots in the spiritual life of one’s soul . And it’s the medium by which adversities may be transmuted into benefits.

Your achievements are limited by only your mental attitude , for it’s true that only your real limitations are those which you set up in your own mind.

Keep your mental attitude Right and your future always will be Bright. Success goes to the person whose mental attitude is such that he expects success. And health, wealth, happiness are products of a positive mental attitude. Your mental attitude, weather it is positive or negative, weaves into your character every thread of your thoughts.

A positive mental attitude is the factor which makes peace. People who work with a positive mental attitude are constantly doing the”impossible”.

If you don’t like what life has given you, change your mental attitude and attract something else more to your liking . And remember that not all of the wisdom of the sages and the ages can help the person who quits trying to help himself.

Remember that the creator has made us that our strength grows out of our struggling , and we’re no bigger than the circumstances which we permit to frighten or worry us .

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