The world’s largest internet company!!!! is the largest internet company in the world. It is started out as an online booking store in the middle of 1990s and grew gradually over the years Today Amazon sells almost everything from cash on delivery and paid on delivery , and both is applicable . The company also produces it’s own tablets and E- readers and let’s users upload their own photos and other files to the Amazon cloud pages .

Amazon offers its services all over the world . It operates it’s own websites in UK, Germany, China, Australia,as well as many south American and Asian countries . was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 . It first operated out of a small garage in Washington state . Within a year Amazon offered Hundred of thousands of books . People couldn’t only order books from an online catalog but write their own views . In 1997 started trading shareholders on the NASDAQ stock exchange by 2000 it made over a billion dollars in sales .

As time went on grew gradually. It has many of its revals and today it is cooperating with many other companies and let them sell their products via Amazon website.

In 2007 Amazon went a step further . It is surprised the electronic world wide revelutionary E- book reader , the kindle , which today dominates the marketing . In 2011 a tablet Computer Or laptop followed , the Amazon fire . In the following year the company started selling music downloads and videos on demand . Amazon customers can Store anything and everything they purchased on their private cloud and download it anytime they wanted .

Today serves more than 20 million customers everyday . Its annual income is more and more increased day by day.

There are number of strategies for Amazon’s success . Main strategy of the founder Jeff Bezos himself. An ambitious business man, who is not afraid of taking risks , even if it means a downturn for the company at first . Amazon’s website tries to personalize the buying experience for it’s customers . It knows what you want and what is your interest in.

Although is the biggest internet retailer in the world, It is often criticized . Economic experts say that amazon is turning internet business into a monopoly .
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An archetype is the model image of a person or role and includes the mother figure, father,wise oldman and joker , amongst others . The mother figure for example as carrying qualities; she is dependable and compassionate. We all hold a similar ideas of the mother figure and we see her across the culture and in our language, such as the term ‘mother nature’.

FAMILY ARCHETYPES: The father – Stern, power full, Controller

The mother- feeding, nurturing and soothing

The wise oldman- Knowledge and guidance

The magician- mysterious and powerful.

The witch – Dangerous

Mother- feeding, nurturing and soothing

My journey is started

Welcome to my blog . I want to write something my own thoughts

Why I like to read write?

I want to write because my heart says that , you have already experienced a lot of memories in your child hood , explore it and enjoy your nostalgia through your entire Life. After years of persuade with my academic achievement and realised my dream of becoming a writer , I dreamt a long and every night and spend with my sole

I embraced my spiritual gifts, which is flowing through my hands . I write about counselling psychology and spirituality as I see them as a complementary fields in helping us understand ourselves . While psychology helps us to understand the human psyche spirituality helps us to understand universal principles that transcent humanity. It’s my hope that through my words .

Nature giving me peace